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Sams Teach Yourself Silverlight 4 in 24 Hours

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author  Joel Neubeck  /  released on  Aug 30, 2010
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Categories: Silverlight 4
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About the Author

Joel Neubeck, Director of Technology for top interactive marketing agency Terralever, leads a talented, multidisciplinary team of software engineers and interactive developers. Neubeck has over a decade of experience in interactive development, including expertise in ASP.NET, Silverlight, digital print, image processing, and service-oriented web development. He was awarded Microsoft’s MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for Silverlight and WPF. Neubeck has spoken about Silverlight at events such as Mix08 and XNA Gamefest, and is a member of the Silverlight Insiders Group and Silverlight TAP. He was among a select group of professionals asked by Microsoft to help plan Silverlight’s future.

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