SilverlightShow: XNA for Silverlight developers: Part 13 - Mango (2) Comments Silverlight articles, Silverlight tutorials, Silverlight videos, Silverlight samples Argotic Syndication Framework 2008.0.2.0, en-US (Emil Stoychev) Re: XNA for Silverlight developers: Part 13 - Mango (2) <p>Thanks for this article. Here in the article, the focus is on the new added features Mango will offer which will interest game developers. According to the article, the Mango update will also include the Motion class. This class can be used just like the sensors. I think there are a lot of applications and gadgets going around in the IT world. One important aspect which is welcomed by all is the SEO which can be accomplished by training. There are courses which can help one get better in SEO. </p> <p>Sue - <a href="">SEO training</a></p> SueCooper Mon, 31 Oct 2011 03:40:02 GMT