• Silverlight 4 Podcast Pack with Tim Heuer
  • Building Modular Silverlight Applications
  • Prism -  10 Things to Know
  • Securing Silverlight Application and WCF Service using ASP.Net Authentication Techniques
  • Model– View – ViewModel in Silverlight
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RedCritter Cloud Platform

RedCritter Cloud Platform

Create cloud based Silverlight Apps that run inside Microsoft Outlook on the RedCriter Cloud Platform. Our RedCritter Silverlight SDK for Outlook makes it as easy as 1 line of code! Totally free at

RedCritter Silverlight SDK for Microsoft Outlook
RedCritter Cloud Platform Mosaically Photo Mosaic Creator Cogged Game - Silverlight game with no code
Santapede Joe Rassic's Silverlight game Sociotoco Search
Scottish Goverment data visualised by Storm Ideas Mobile Coverage Maps using Silverlight SameNews