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Hello! Silverlight 2

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1 comments  /  author  Bill Reiss / Dave Campbell  /  released on  Feb 01, 2009
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Microsoft Silverlight 2 makes it easy to introduce a rich, new dimension to your web applications. Silverlight is a powerful tool, but you can get a lot out of it by building on what you already know. After you add a few new techniques to your toolbox, you'll be able to create eye-catching animations, slick visual transitions, friendlier user interfaces, and even rounded corners to your windows!

Hello! Silverlight 2 is a fast-paced, entertaining introduction to Silverlight. Authors Bill Reiss and Dave Campbell guide you hands-on from your first Hello World example through the techniques you'll use to add life to your web applications.

What's inside:

  • Use XAML to define the basic elements of a web application
  • Create engaging animations to catch and hold a user's attention
  • Handle and manage user input
  • Access and display data
  • Interact with the file system
  • And more


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  • RE: Hello! Silverlight 2  

    posted by stho on Nov 17, 2008 14:54

    You can purchase and look at the existing manuscript for this book through Manning's early access program at Additionally, you can purchase the book at a 25% discount using the code aupromo25 at the checkout at

    On a sidenote, the book (and all the Hello! books from Manning) also incorporates illustations from the User Friendly comic strips.

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