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Microsoft Silverlight Graphics

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0 comments  /  author  Oswald Campesato  /  released on  Jun 06, 2008
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Product Description

Silverlight represents an entirely new level of rich Web interface technology for Microsoft developers. With the new power of this development environment comes new challenges for graphic artists and programmers to use this technology to its fullest. "Microsoft Silverlight Graphics" will help you quickly become productive in Silverlight, teaching you how to use the program to create stunning graphics and animations. You’ll learn how to create Silverlight applications; using graphics, animation, audio, and video.


About the Author

Oswald Campesato, Palo Alto, CA, is a Senior Development Manager for JustSystems, Inc. He works on various projects that involve Java, XML, and XSLT, and is studying Japanese so that he can communicate with his counterparts in Japan in their native language. He has worked in the computer field for 15 years, and has previously worked for various companies, including Oracle and IONA. His diverse background includes work experience includes Unix, shell programming, Perl, and JSP-based web application development with MVC frameworks. He has BSc/MS degrees in Mathematics, an MBA, an MS in Information Systems, a BS in Computer Science, and is working toward an MS in Computer Science.

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