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Silverlight news for July 23, 2008

posted by Ilia Iordanov on Wednesday, July 23

Routed Events in Silverlight 2 by Hristo Hristov from Telerik. Nice first post by Hristo explaining the routed events in Silverlight with very useful demo application.

Silverlight Spy update is available, including one fix and one new feature. Go now and download it from here.
Alex from AGKDesign announced his new web site, go to and enjoy the Silverlight goodness in there.
Using an Attached DependencyProperty to Implement Pixel Snapping as an Attached Behavior by Dave Relya –great post by Dave and find out how to achieve snapping using attached properties in Silverlight.
Building A Silverlight Application: A Designer's Perspective by Corrina Barber – This post includes three videos showing the development using Blend of a sample Silverlight application which can be seen here.