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Silverlight Spy 2 is here

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The initial release of Silverlight Spy 2 supporting Silverlight 2 Beta 1 applications is now available. Though the Spy may look a lot like the previous versions, it has been entirely rewritten in order to cope with the Silverlight 2 runtime.

Please be aware that this is an alpha version. There are many features missing, probably a whole lot of bugs to be fixed and I won't be surprised it the application fails to run on more or less exotic machine configurations.

Thanks to ClickOnce deployment you will be notified of new updates automatically and I have planned to release new updates frequently.

Known limitations

The current release contains a number of limitations and quirks;

  • UI element highlighting is not accurate and sometimes not available at all
  • Silverlight Spy is unaware of the Popup UI element and it's content. This is due to the nature of Popup controls, they do not appear in the main UI element tree.
  • Content of elements derived from Control is not available while browsing the XAML explorer. You can access a Control's content by hovering the mouse over it while pressing Ctrl-Shift
  • The XAML writer is not complete yet (it will tell you when things are not available)
  • Custom properties are not available yet in the property editor and XAML view.
  • The event monitor only supports core routed events

Upcoming features

  • Single UI element preview
  • UI element statistics
  • Resource statistics (used images, video, fonts, etc.) view
  • View/edit custom properties
  • XAML writer support for custom properties
  • Extensive search
  • XAP package inspection
  • Monitor HTTP/HTTPS traffic


Improving Silverlight Spy is a tough job without your support. So please forward any questions, bugs, issues, comments, feature requests you may have to me.

Download Silverlight Spy now!

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