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Concurrency Optimization in Silverlight 3

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0 comments   /   posted by Ilia Iordanov on Aug 20, 2009
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Tags: EFVincent , Silverlight 3 , concurrency , optimization

EFVincent talks about the concurrency optimization in Silverlight 3. Very interesting post. A lot of explanations and code.

About a week ago Joa Ebert posted Flirting with Silverlight, in which he discussed his experiences with a cool little Lorenz attractor application. The strange attractor app (which you can check at his blog) was his way of playing around with the newly released Silverlight 3 (Props to Joa for some very cool work BTW). It calculates a shape in 3D defined by some 300,000 particles, and animates the spinning and rotating of this shape as the user moves the mouse across the display surface.



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