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Implementing CoverFlow in Silverlight 3

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Nov 06, 2009
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Jeff Prosise used Darick's open-source CoverFlow control to build a demo that lets you flip through his collection of Fantastic Four comic books.

I recently set out to build a control that encapsulates all the features needed to build CoverFlow interfaces in Silverlight. But then a funny thing happened: I found out that someone else had already done it and published the code on CodePlex. I don't often use code written by others in the samples that I create, but I was so impressed with Darick's open-source CoverFlow control that I made an exception. It includes some nice touches from a UI perspective, including the use of animation easing to decelerate as you come to a stop after flipping through the items, as well as support for data binding, data templates, and more.



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