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Making WCF RIA Services work in a DMZ/Multitier architecture using Application Request Routing

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Sep 02, 2010
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In this post, Sandrino Di Mattia explains how to make WCF RIA Services work in a Multitier architecture using IIS Application Request Routing.

Source: Sandrino Di Mattia's Blog

In large companies / governments / ... most of the time the application architecture needs to follow a set of rules (focused on maintainability and security).
These could be rules like the following:

  • The applications need to be developed following a Multitier architecture
  • Each tier should be physically separated for security.
  • The business logic tier is the only one that can connect to the data tier.
  • The presentation tier only connects to the business logic tier.
  • The presentation tier may not directly connect to the data tier.
  • The presentation tier is located in a DMZ, other tiers are heavily secured.
  • ...
Each project / company will have its own rules but the concept stays the same.


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