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Multitasking on Windows Phone 7

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Sep 17, 2010
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Tags: Multitasking , Windows Phone 7 , Tau Sick
Tau Sick discusses why multitasking is missing on Windows Phone 7.

Source: clr-namespace.com

I made a simple demo of Multitasking on Windows Phone 7 using Tombstoning. Now I get an awful lot of hits every day on the subject, so I decided to write my two cents to supplement the developer oriented post.
Let’s get one thing straight. Windows Phone 7 is a true multithreaded operative system. WP7 runs a User-Interface thread to ensure responsiveness even when apps are written poorly. WP7 does all network communication asynchronously. WP7 applications can utilize multiple threads and while apps are running, the underlying OS handles background tasks like notifications, messages, sensors and incoming calls. But you can’t actually RUN several applications at one time, so it’s not a true multitasking OS.



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