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  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jul 21, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    It has been a while since the last Blacklight release (March ‘09) and that's why Martin Grayson is so happy to announce that they are back up and running, and have a brand new release for you.

    This release addresses 5 main items:

    • Upgrade of Blacklight source and binaries to Silverlight 3
    • Addition of new controls – RangeSlider and WatermarkedTextBox– details below
    • Upgrade of DragDockPanelHost to be an ItemsControl, allowing full data binding support, and support for hosting elements that are not DragDockPanels.
    • Numerous bug fixes, especially with the DragDropPanel controls in both Silverlight and WPF. Some of these fixes did involve some very basic API changing.
    • Update of Blacklight Showcase.

  • 1 comments  /  posted by  Ilia Iordanov  on  Feb 23, 2009 (more than a year ago)

    A nice video from Mike Parker, introducing the Animated Layout Panel control, found in Blacklight!

  • Silverlight News for December 08, 2008

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Dec 08, 2008 (more than a year ago)
    Tags: Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.2 , Blacklight , WebClient , named color viewer , BeginAnimation , DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames , Resizable Silverlight Control , Color Picker Utility , Toolkit Viewbox control , Creating Skinnable Customer Controls

    Tim Greenfield has created Silverlight named color viewer in order to help you see all the named colors that Silverlight supports. This tool also supports copying the name by selecting it and using Ctrl+C.

    Gizmox announces the release of Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.2. The 6.2.2 release provides compatibility to MS Silverlight RC0/RTW, and now supports development and deployment of web applications with the latest Silverlight technology. It also includes the Visual WebGui WinForms-like designer allowing simple and cost-effective Web development, and the new ASP.NET Control wrapper wizard introduced earlier this month. You may download Visual WebGui SDK here.

    Martin Grayson announced that the December release of Blacklight has arrived. This release contains tonnes of bug fixes, as well as some really cool new features. You may check out the the new showcase or get the latest release code.

    Jeff Wilcox has a post about creating a testable WebClient for Silverlight unit testing. Here he discusses Maurice de Beijer’s solution for creating a testable Flickr web service API.

    Nick on Silverlight and WPF has created a version of the BeginAnimation extension method, updated for Silverlight 2.

    Mike Snow has a little tip about Animating Objects with DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames. This is continuation of his last tip about using DoubleAnimation to animate a given controls property value.

    Page Brooks has an article about building a Resizable Silverlight Control. It will be very useful for you in more complex situations, when you need to be able to specify the dimensions of the visual elements in your control.

    Boyan Nikolov describes how to control the spacing of an HTML header in his post  HTML header + Silverlight plug-in scenario.

    Jesse Liberty completed the four part video series Creating Skinnable Customer Controls. At the moment Part 2 is available, but we expect the release of Parts 3 and 4 very soon.

    Mike Ormond has described his adventures with the Silverlight Toolkit Viewbox control. For example he gives a simple Silverlight application with a Border containing a TextBlock in the upper cell.

    David Justice has written the very cool post “Azure 1/10 + Facebook Connect 1/2 + Silverlight 2/5 = Fun”. All you need to follow this tutorial are Azure CTP, Silverlight 2 and Facebook account. Here David concentrates on the superlatives about Facebook Connect and the possibilities this opens up to developers.

    Here is the post of Chris Szurgot about Sivlerlight Sidebar Gadget, which is a version of the snowflake application.

    Matthias Shapiro finalizes his Silverlight Color Picker Utility. You may download source for Color Picker Control, download dll or download source for Color Picker Implementation.

    Robby Ingebretsen has an interesting approach for running Custom Code / Firing Custom Events from Within Storyboards . According to Robby the trick to do this is to know that Storyboards can actually contain other storyboards.

  • Silverlight News for 3 November, 2008

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Nov 03, 2008 (more than a year ago)
    Tags: Silverlight 2 Control Templates , Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1 , PDC videos , Stack Attack , Mesh-enabled , Silverlight 2.0 Dependency Properties Routed Events , Charts Silverlight Toolkit , Search Engine Optimization , Blacklight , DeepZoom

    Dan Wahlin explains how to use styles to define Silverlight 2 Control Templates. In this way you can re-use a template across multiple controls. Read the whole article here.


    The new Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1 just came out. Get it from the Microsoft Download Center. Tim Heuer shares his opinion about it in his blog.


    For those of you who didn’t attend the PDC, Microsoft published all the video recordings online at the Channel9 website.


    Gerard Leblanc released the third part of his article about Menus - Animated multi-level drop-down menu. For those of you who are not familiar with it, you can review Part I  and Part II.


    Jesse Liberty created his own data to explore the AutoComplete control. You can see how he chose to do it here. He also updated his post about The Implicit Style Manager.


    Jeff Wilcox shows how to teach Windows to treat Xap files as first class compressed folders with a simple registry entry. Enjoy this fix here. He also recommends you to have your server configured with the new Silverlight MIME type, if you host XAP files on a CDN or other host (such as Amazon S3). Do it now!


    Bill Reiss updated his Stack Attack game. He also created a Mesh-enabled Silverlight application that run “outside the browser” and can run in an offline mode. You can see his game Dr. Popper running on the desktop in this screenshot.

    Silverlight 2.0 Dependency Properties And Routed Events by Joseph Ghassan – “Dependency Properties and Routed Events are 2 key concepts that you should know before delving into writing Silverlight application. Silverlight borrows the  property model and the event model from its big brother WPF in a simplified way…” Plus much more!

    Pete Brown continues his article about the Charts in the Silverlight Toolkit and this time he shows how to make them  look more interesting. Read more on Pete’s blog post.

    The Silverlight SDK team posted a whitepaper on Search Engine Optimization for Silverlight Applications.


    Check the article of Martin Grayson – “Adventures of a `Devigner`“. There you can read about the first release of Blacklight.


    You can try out the DeepZoom application at Shape – The Web Conference on 26th of November.

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