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Chad Hower on Silverlight

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1 comments  /  Show #2 with Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. "Kudzu"  /  29 minutes  /  Oct 25, 2007
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Chad Hower talk about his experience with Silverlight at DevReach in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. "Kudzu"

Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. "Kudzu"

Formerly the Regional Developer Adviser (DPE) for Microsoft MEA (Middle East and Africa), he was responsible for 85 countries spanning 4 continents and crossing 10 time zones. Now Chad is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director covering Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Chad is a professional speaker at popular developer conferences worldwide. Chad was once introduced as having "mastered more languages than a United Nations translator." Chad is the author of the book Indy in Depth and has contributed to several other books on network communications and general programming. Chad writes regularly for the Software Developer Network Magazine (Dutch), and occasionally for other magazines. Chad is an expatriate who travels extensively year and is currently based in Estonia. Chad has also lived in Canada, Cyprus, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. In total Chad has visited more than more than 50 countries, visiting most of them many times.


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  • RE: Chad Hower on Silverlight  

    posted by Robert Neason on Feb 18, 2008 12:33
    chad how can use siverlight web builder with a home computer

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