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Our Team


Team Members | Representatives


SilverlightShow Team Members

Ivan Dragoev - Founder

Ivan is the co-founder of SilverlightShow, and a Software engineer with more than 13 years of experience in Software development, .NET and Silverlight. Ivan is an MCPD, frequently does technical reviews of books and publications, and even though not directly involved already in the day-to-day operations of the portal, he consults on strategic decisions related to its evolution.
Ivan enjoys cycling, yoga and Tao.

Ilia Iordanov - Founder

Ilia is the co-founder of SilverlightShow, and a Software Engineer with over 12 years of experience in Software Design and Development, Databases, WinForms and Silverlight. Ilia is responsible for launching strategical partnerships and supervises the key operations of the portal.An MCPD for 4 years, Ilia is also a rigorous reviewer of technical documentation.
Ilia practices martial arts, swimming and table (as well as desk :) tennis. He tweets at @iiordanov.

Emil Stoychev - Founder, Editor, Author

Co-founder of SilverlightShow, a Silverlight MVP, founder of the Silverlight User Group in Bulgaria and a recognized speaker at local and regional Silverlight events, Emil is the key figure behind SilverlightShow evolution and development. Emil is responsible for the architecture of SilverlightShow portal, the content editing and review, connects with partnering sites and Silverlight professionals. Emil often shares his experience at SilverlightShow (check the items he authored), blogs frequently on all things Silverlight at http://emil.silverlightshow.net/ and tweets at @estoychev.
Emil is passionate about extreme sports, snowboard, sport climbing. He also enjoys photography and traveling.

Svetla Stoycheva - Partner Relationships & Marketing manager

With more than 10 years experience with project management, marketing, customer and partner relations, Svetla is responsible for connecting with partnering portals and Silverlight professionals, Silverlight user groups and authors for SilverlightShow. She coordinates SilverlightShow's representative program, initiates training and development events together with partnering individuals and organisations. Svetla also runs SilverlightShow marketing campaigns.
Svetla is a hopeless travel addict :) and tweets about her travel experiences and all things marketing at @sissastoycheva.

Ralitsa Georgieva - Web administrator, Marketing executive

Ralitsa is one of the multitasking members in our team. She is not only involved in the online marketing, social media and advertising activities of SilverlightShow, but also actively participates in the administration of the site.
Ralitsa is a passionate skier in the winter and a huge fan of the breezy seashore in the summer :) She tweets about anything that excites and inspires her at @rallig

Pencho Popadiyn - Senior Software Engineer

An MCPD and MCTS, Pencho is one of SilverlightShow team members with most Silverlight experience. He is actively involved in the development of complex modules for SilverlightShow, and a great deal of his experience is shared through SilverlightShow articles (check out Pencho's posts).

Pencho is a keen chess player, enjoys relaxation through jogging or nice music.

Martin Mihaylov - Senior Software Engineer

An MCPD and MCTS with rich Silverlight experience, and an appreciated technical writer, Martin is involved in the engineering, development and consulting of SilverlightShow portal. Martin actively shares his Silverlight experience with the community at SilverlightShow by authoring articles and tips (check his SilverlightShow contrubutions).
Martin is keen on martial arts, is interested in Eastern philosophy and plays the guitar.

Nikolay Raychev - Senior Web Developer

Nikolay is one of the key developers behind SilverlightShow, responsible for most major functionalities in the new SilverlightShow portal, including forums, search, SEO and others. Niki has more than 6 years of experience with ASP.NET, MS SQL and Front End development (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript), and is focused on developing Silverlight solutions and SEO for Silverlight ever since the dawn of the technology. Nikolay is an MCPD and MCTS, has a degree in Engineering and is frequently authoring content at SilverlightShow (check the items he authored).
He enjoys exotic animals, and the friendliest of his 'pets' are inhabiting our office :)

Lazar Nikolov - Editor, Silverlight Developer

Lazar actively participates in the review and verification of SilverlightShow content. He ensures SilverlightShow articles are consistent and in-line with the latest Silverlight/WP7 release updates.
Lazar adores the beauty of nature and enjoys sharing his experience in simulating natural effects with Silverlight by authoring articles and tips (read the content he authored).
He practices several sports including table tennis and inline skating and is passionate about electronic dance music.


SilverlightShow Representatives

Cigdem Patlak, USA
A software engineer with over 10 years experience, Cigdem Patlak is currently an independent Silverlight consultant living in Southern California, and a representative of CompletIT/SilverlightShow. She is passionate about all things Silverlight and actively contributes to the development of SoCal Silverlight community.
Representative activities: project consulting and contracting, training consulting and contracting, promotion and sponsorship campaigns, reporting from local and international community events, SilverlightShow content authoring, webinar trainings.
Cigdem's: Blog | Twitter account | Email
  Zhivko Dimitrov, UK

Zhivko Dimitrov comes from a UX design background. After he set up and lead the UX & GUI design department at Telerik - the leading provider of UI components for Microsoft technologies, he built on his enthusiasm for design with a degree in Digital Media from Central Saint Martins. Together with his representative activities for CompletIT / SilverlightShow, he is at present consulting for Microsoft on UX design in London's financial industries.
Representative activities: project consulting and contracting, training consulting and contracting, promotion and sponsorship campaigns, reporting from local community events.
Zhivko's: Email
Chris Andersen, Australia

Chris Anderson has been a professional developer for over 10 years, specializing in building desktop, web, and mobile business applications using Microsoft technologies.
Currently specializing in Silverlight, Chris has spoken on this topic at conferences such as Code Camp Australia, TechEd Australia, Silverlight Code Camp Australia, REMIX Australia, and numerous Sydney Silverlight Designer and Developer Network meetings.
He is also the author of Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 4 (for Apress), and co-author of Professional Visual Studio 2010 (for Wrox).
Chris's: Blog | Twitter account | Email

Braulio Diez, Spain

Braulio Diez is a Silverlight MVP, a freelance developer and trainer who is frequently authoring articles for dotnet specialized sites / magazines. He is working on open source projects, a speaker at live events and webinars, and also Complet IT representative for Spain. Braulio currently belongs to the SilverDiagram initiative and helps to coordinate a university master degree on RIA. He is also authoring a Silverlight book on LOB application development.
Braulio's: Blog | Twitter account | Email

Walter Ferrari, Italy

Walter Ferrari is an environmental engineer and cultivates his passion for software development for a long time. He is currently a consultant working for his company, Abertech. He develops applications based on Microsoft technologies since 1995 and works primarily with .NET since 2003. He is currently focused on Silverlight and Sharepoint.
Walter is used to wearing a helmet while writing code..just to avoid serious damages when slamming his head against the monitor :)
Walter's: Blog | Email