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Foundation Expression Blend 2: Building Applications in WPF and Silverlight


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author   Victor Gaudioso  /   released on   Mar 24, 2008
Tags:   silverlight-2 , expression-blend-2 , expression-blend , victor-gaudioso
Categories:   Expression Blend , Silverlight 2

Product Description

In this book, you'll:

  • Learn the Blend 2 and Visual Studio 2008 development environments
  • Create designs using Blend 2's unique tools
  • Use XAML and C# to add interactivity to your designs
  • Publish your Rich Media Applications to the Web using Silverlight
The only real tool available for creating Rich Media Applications, web-based animations, and games has been Flash‚ until now! WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Silverlight have opened the door of Rich Media Application development to Microsoft .NET developers. With Microsoft's new Blend 2 and Visual Studio 2008, you can now create compelling Rich Media Applications complete with animations and even 3D! This book shows you how to take full advantage of Blend's new interface, together with and Silverlight's vastly improved designer-developer workflow, guiding you through every step of development from downloading and installing of the development environment through creating finished, functional projects. You'll learn how to create simple drawing applications with the InkCanvas, make tabbed and scrollable interfaces, as well as build fully featured media players, photo galleries, and interactive 3D designs. Each chapter discusses major WPF and Silverlight features, provides a hands-on tutorial, and explains how that feature is implemented in the real world. In the end, you will have a collection of impressive WPF and Silverlight applications that can be added to your portfolio. Whether you're an experienced .NET or web developer, or you're just starting out, this book will provide you with all you need to create Rich Media Applications with Expression Blend 2.

About the Author

Victor is a senior application engineer at IdentityMine, a top-tier software company specializing in designing and developing cutting edge software applications, creating customized WPF/Blend and Silverlight training programs and creating tools for designers and developers. Victor has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Harrah\'s, Mattel, NBC/Universal, Disney, Best Buy, GameStop, Vivendi Universal Games, and New Line Cinema among others. Victor, a former Flash/ActionScript engineer still stays active in the Flash community by writing articles and tutorials on www.actionscript.org where he is also a moderator.

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