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10 Laps around Silverlight 5: Ebook


10 Laps around Silverlight 5

Author: Michael Crump

4 Formats:
PDF, Word, EPUB, MOBI. Number of pages: 60

Or, download just one of the formats available: Word, PDF, MOBI, EPUB.

Release date: January 2012. This FREE ebook is sponsored by Telerik  

This ebook collects all 10 parts of the article series 10 Laps around Silverlight 5 series, in 4 convenient formats: Word, PDF, MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB.


From the author:

Why read this resource over others?

I’m sure you have seen a lot of Silverlight 5 information on the web and are wondering what makes this ebook different, so I will go ahead and tell you.

  • Individual blog posts about Silverlight 5 are scattered all over the internet, it takes time to research and find relevant information. In this ebook, all information will be grouped together and easily referenced.
  • Post-beta, Microsoft changed RichTextBox to RichTextBlock. Many samples on the web are still showing the old version and have never been updated.
  • Breaking changes in Silverlight 5 that have happened recently will be included.
  • I am a Silverlight MVP / Silverlight Insider and XAML Advocate. I have spent the last few years of my life specializing in Silverlight and sharing the information to others.

The Roadmap for this Ebook

Below you will find the roadmap for this ebook. I modeled this list closely from Pete Brown’s List of what is new in Silverlight 5 and looked at each new feature of Silverlight 5. I believe most developers will find the following features useful in their day-to-day work than others.

1. Introduction to SL5 – This post which provides a brief history of Silverlight and relevant links.  
2. Binding - Ancestor Relative Source Binding and  Implicit Data Templates.
3. Graphics –XNA 3D API and Improved Graphics Stack.
4. Media - Low-Latency Sound using XNA and Remote Control and Media Command (Keys) Support.
5. Text - Text Tracking and Leading, Linked and Multi-column Text, OpenType Support, Pixel Snapped Text and TextOptions.
6. Operating System Integration  Part 1 - P/Invoke, Multiple Windows and Unrestricted File System Access in Full Trust.
7. Operating System Integration Part 2 - Default Filename for SaveFileDialog, 64-bit browser support and Power Awareness.
8. Productivity and Performance - XAML Binding Debugging, Parser Performance Improvements and Multi-core JIT for improved start-up time.
9. Controls - Double and Triple click support, PivotViewer and ComboBox Type-Ahead.
10. Other items - In-Browser HTML, PostScript and Tasks for TPL.

About the author:

Michael Crump is a Microsoft MVP, INETA Community Champion, and an author of several .NET books. He has been seen speaking at a variety of conferences including: CodeStock, DevLink, and TechDays. Michael has also written dozens of articles on .NET development including CodeProject, SilverlightShow (see all his SilverlightShow articles), DZone, Developer Fusion and CodeZone. He currently works at Telerik (www.telerik.com) as a XAML Evangelist spreading all the wonderful news of XAML. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mbcrump or keep up with his blog by visiting michaelcrump.net.

Michael is the author of one more SilverlightShow ebook - Producing and Consuming OData in a Silverlight and WP7 App - and has also delivered SilverlightShow webinar Getting started with the Silverlight 5 Beta.