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Windows Phone 7 for Silverlight Developers: E-book


Windows Phone 7 for Silverlight Developers
Author: András Velvárt

Price: $4.99     Add to Cart

Format: PDF file, Kindle version (.mobi), .epub
Number of pages:
Release date: July 2011


"Wow... get some great in-your-hands training on WP7 development from András Velvárt... I bought my copy, and it's more than worth the $4.99 price... great job András and SilverlightShow!"

Dave Campbell, SilverlightCream

Exclusive SilverlightShow ebook by 4-time Silverlight MVP András Velvárt! Only available for sale on SilverlightShow.
Read the two free excerpts from Design Considerations chapter:

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From the author: When Microsoft announced that its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7, would only be programmable with managed code, there was a loud applause (at least in the room I was in). Developers were keen to utilize their hard-earned knowledge of the .NET framework on the new platform and enjoy the ease of development and familiar tools and workflow on what is the most dynamically advancing area of computing - smartphones.

Microsoft brought two of its most interesting development frameworks to the phone: XNA and Silverlight. Silverlight developers can also right at home with Windows Phone 7. It is said that if you are already a Silverlight developer, you already know 90% of what is needed for developing Silverlight applications for the phone. This e-book is about the remaining 10%, written by Silverlight MVP and author of the WP7 app “SurfCube 3D Browser”: András “@vbandi” Velvárt.

Note: this e-book covers Windows Phone 7.0 development. Footnotes have been added where Mango (the upcoming update of Windows Phone 7) is different, but the Mango API is not detailed here.


Silverlight on the Phone
    Sandbox on the Phone
    Compact Framework
    Web Browser
        The Windows Phone Emulator
    Phone-specific Services
        Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 12
        Location Services
        Push Notifications
        Application Bar
        Launchers and Choosers
        Integrating with the Pictures Hub
        Integrating with the Music + Videos Hub
        Keyboard Layouts
        Trial API
    Design Considerations
    The Metro Design Language
        Clean, Light, Open, Fast
        Celebrate Typography
        Alive in Motion
        Content, not Chrome
        Authentically Digital
        Metro on the Windows Phone 7 Lock Screen
    The Back Button 
    Panorama and Pivot
    Input on the Phone (available as free online resource)
    The accelerometer
            The Microphone
            Touch Input
        Portrait and Landscape (available as free online resource)
        Themes (available as free online resource)
        The UI and Compositor Threads
        Analyzing Graphics Performance
            Frame Rate Counters
            Redraw Regions
            Cache Visualization
        The Kryptonite of WP7 Silverlight Apps: List performance
            Optimizing ItemTemplates
            To Virtualize or Not?
            Advanced techniques for better scroll experience
            One more note about the Emulator
    Publishing to the Marketplace
        Getting a Marketplace Developer Account
            Checklist for App Submission
            The verification process
    About the Author 

About the author:

András Velvárt is the owner of Response Ltd (www.response.hu), and the man behind SurfCube, the 3D web browser for Windows Phone 7. András is passionate about User Experience, and carries this passion over to every project Response takes on.

András is also a four time awardee of Microsoft's MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for his contribution to the development community in Hungary and worldwide. His award is in the Silverlight expertise - an honor that less than 100 people in the world share. András is an accomplished INETA speaker, runs the Hungarian Silverlight User Group, and speaks at most Microsoft conferences in Hungary, where Silverlight, WP7, WPF or User Experience is the topic.  His newly found passion is creating experiences with Kinect. András is married, and has a son, Ákos, who keeps his parents busy and loved all the time.

You can find his blog at www.dotneteers.net. András tweets from @vbandi.