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Blazing Fast AOL Mail with Silverlight

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0 comments   /   aggregated from MIX Online on Mar 05, 2008  /  original article
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During today's keynote, AOL showed off a blazingly fast webmail client based on Silverlight.  Some people didn't believe that this was an actual live demo, flipping through thousands of contacts and mails almost instantly.  But this was real code running against their production mail servers -- the same servers that host tens of millions of active users.  You can sign up to get access and test this new webmail client by visiting

For some more details about how AOL envisioned and built this application in a matter of months, I sat down with Roy and Eric from AOL.  They talk about how they used Visio for wireframing, and drill into some of the business value they see from the enhanced user experiences that Silverlight enables.


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