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Catching up with Silverlight 2

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3 comments   /   aggregated from Adam Kinney, Silverlight Surfer on Mar 10, 2008  /  original article
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Starting last week on March 5th after Silverlight 2 Beta 1 was announced, a lot has been said about Silverlight 2.  Presentations have been given, demos have been shown, bits have been released, tutorials have been posted and many conversations have been had.  As an attempt to catalog some of the more interesting and useful content, I'm posting my list of highlights since SL2B1 day.


In the unlikely event you haven't found where yet, you can grab the runtime and tools for Silverlight 2 Beta 1 on 

Other links to help you get started include:

  • Building Rich Internet Applications using Silverlight 2 - MIX session presented by Joe Stegmen and Mike Harsh, Part 1, Part 2
  • A Whirlwind Tour - Jesse Liberty's introduction to Silverlight 2
  • Fundamentals Lab - This lab explores the fundamental tools and features that underpin any Silverlight application.
  • Breaking Changes in Silverlight 2 - This topic discusses the changes made to the Silverlight runtime and Silverlight tools between the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Alpha September Refresh and the MIX 2008 release.
  • Packaging and Application Startup - Pete Brown explores the new application model, read Part 1 and Part 2
  • Dynamic Animation Lab - This is a simple lawn mowing simulation that exposes different techniques of leveraging the managed Animation API in Silverlight 2.


  • Hard Rock Memorabilia - One of the most talked about demos at MIX08, welcome Deep Zoom!
  • Pulse at SXSW - mashes up twitter,, Technorati and flickr in a very visual and useful way
  • AOL email client - a full email client written in Silverlight 2
  • NBC Olympics - can be seen in the first keynote at MIX08 around 1:17:00, an interview with Perkins Miller is also available
  • TextGlow - read Word 2007 documents online with Silverlight 2
  • Community Gallery - controls demo, RSS reader, SOAP Weather Widget and more
  • Tunnel Trouble - a new Silverlight-based game from Terralever
  • WeatherBug - designed for Silverlight Mobile, you can test the app running on the web.


  • Control Demo Page - see the controls in action
  • Source code and Unit Tests for controls - download the code
  • Creating Rich Dynamic User interfaces with Silverlight 2 - MIX session presented by Karen Corby
  • Controls Tutorial - Another Jesse Liberty tutorial
  • ListBox and ScrollViewer FAQs - all you ever wanted to know about them and more
  • File Upload Component - Wilco Bauwer builds a File upload and control and shares the source
  • User Controls Lab - Building Reusable Controls in Silverlight 2
  • Using the Silverlight 2 Canvas - a screencast by Jesse Liberty
  • Using Silverlight 2 Grids and Stack Panels - another great screencast by Jesse Liberty
  • Styling Controls - another tutorial by Jesse Liberty (he's been very busy)

Deep Zoom

  • Applications = Designers + Developers - MIX session presented by Celso Gomes and Kirupa Chinnathambi , Deep Zoom heatured in the second part
  • Hard Rock: Behind the Music with Deep Zoom - MIX Session presented by Scott Stanfield
  • First Attempt with MultiScaleImage - Mike Taulty shows how to implement control over Deep Zoom, followed by an update
  • Deep Zoom Demo - Mike Ormond shares Deep Zoom code and then adds mouse wheel support in part 2
  • Deep Zoom Composer Preview
  • Deep Zoom Composer Preview - User Guide


  • Mobile Devices and Microsoft Silverlight - MIX session presented by Amit Chopra and David Kline
  • Using Microsoft Silverlight for Creating Rich Mobile User Experiences - MIX session presented by Giorgio Sardo
  • Brad Becker interview - about the recent announcement about Silverlight Mobile.
  • WeatherBug demo
  • MIXr demo
  • Silverlight for Mobile primer session at MIX08 - my notes from the first mobile session at MIX

Dynamic Language Runtime

  • Microsoft Silverlight and Dynamic Languages - MIX session presented by John Lam and Jimmy Schementi
  • Hello World! demo - demo from MIX session
  • Managed JScript and flickr -demo from MIX session
  • Integrating Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC - demo from MIX session
  • Iron Python - Jimmy Schementi's MSDN article
  • Iron Python and the DLR - Bill Chiles's MSDN Article
  • John Lam on Ruby, Ruby, Ruby - Open Space session at MIX08


  • Exploring Moonlight : Novell's Implementation of Silverlight on Linux - MIX session presented by Miguel de Icaza
  • Pre-Mix 08: Moonlight Updates
  • Channel9 works with Moonlight!


  • Farseer Physics Engine - an open source physics engine for Silverlight 2
  • Polygon Demo - Andy Beaulieu's recent demo using Farseer
  • Heads Will Roll demo - Chris Cavanagh updates his sample, click "move platforms" to make the wheels/heads go flying

Networking and Data

  • Networking and Data Lab - In this hands-on lab, you will look at using a variety of remote data sources and communication techniques to retrieve data for a Silverlight application.
  • Working with Data and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 2 - MIX Session presented by Eugene Osovetsky
  • Sockets Sample
  • Data Binding Tutorial - A Jesse Liberty tutorial

Browser Integration

  • Browser Integration Lab - In this hands-on lab, you will look at the places where DHTML and Silverlight meet.
  • Calling JavaScript functions - Tim Heuer tutorial


  • Silverlight Blueprint for Sharepoint -  This is the answer to "how do you use Silverlight in Sharepoint?", Micheal Lehman has an interview live on Ch9
  • PhotoZoom - Want a Deep Zoom Album of your own? try this site.  Look for the "processing" notification when attempting to view your albums, the site is rather busy right now
  • BlogEngine.NET Silverlight Extension - I would expect to see more of these start cropping up
  • Programmer Utilities - Jesse Liberty's suggested "other" tools
  • Telerik Controls - There are lot of cool examples under the Online demos section.  Very cool to see the Animations framework in there.
  • ImageGear for Silverlight

Fountains of Information

  • Scott Guthrie - great tutorials and source of breaking news
  • Tim Sneath - next best place for breaking news and clarity of information
  • Jesse Liberty - The Silverlight Developers best friend
  • John Lam - Dynamic Language Runtime
  • Jose Fajardo - User Experience and Design
  • Andy Beaulieu - games and physics
  • Sparkling Client - a podcast about Silverlight and other RIA technologies.
  • Code Trip - driving around the west coast, check to see if they're coming to your neighborhood


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  • RE: Catching up with Silverlight 2  

    posted by Giorgio Sardo on Mar 15, 2008 06:02
    Let me add one more link if you are interested to see sample of Silverlight for Mobile applications (from my MIX presentation :) ): Cheers! Giorgio
  • RE: Catching up with Silverlight 2  

    posted by Brian on Mar 16, 2008 10:17
    Very good collection of links. Brian Miller
  • RE: Catching up with Silverlight 2  

    posted by Hermann Rösch on Apr 08, 2008 08:50
    Regarding the "Fundamentals Lab" above, does FireFox supports the IsFullScreen property?

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