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Silverlight 2.0 available

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4 comments   /   aggregated from Snowball - The Blog on Mar 05, 2008  /  original article
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Yes, it's already on the downloadcenter!

Here is the link:

The SDK is available here:;=en&tm;

And the sourcce of the controls are available here:;=en&tm;

And finally (for now), the documentation is available here:;=en&tm;

More info later after the keynote! - The blog of Gill Cleeren


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  • RE: Silverlight 2.0 available  

    posted by gemma gambee on Apr 16, 2010 19:07
    why can't I find the installation for Silverlight?
  • RE: Silverlight 2.0 available  

    posted by Nathan Gagliardi on Apr 16, 2010 22:01
    Why can't I download Silverlight to my Macintosh (10.5.8 OSX) to visit Porter county realestate sites.
  • RE: Silverlight 2.0 available  

    posted by rita on May 02, 2010 04:12
    why can't we download silverlight to our Mac to watch OSU vs. Loyola volleyball May 1 2010 MIVA finals??
  • RE: Silverlight 2.0 available  

    posted by me on May 12, 2010 22:59
    silverlight sucks!!!!!!

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