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Silverlight 2 for Data Apps

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Thanks to everyone who attended my "Silverlight 2 for Data Applications" talk at Code Camp 9 in Waltham, MA on 4/5/2008! And a big thanks to Chris Bowen and Chris Pels for their hard work organizing this great event time after time. I had a great crowd for my talk, standing room only, and as promised I have some goodies for all:

First, even if you couldn't make it to Code Camp for my talk, I have created a screen cast that walks through the demos. Just click the image below to launch the video:

I also have the Beers Demo Application and Slide Deck available:



Summary of the Presentation

In this talk, I walked through a mult-tier Silverlight Application with the following architecture:

1. A Silverlight 2 Client containing a Master/Detail scenario

2. A WCF Web Service providing communication to the Silverlight Client

3. A Data Accesss Layer using LINQ to SQL

4. A Simple SQL Server Database with (Mmmmm) Beer Data.

We explored how to use LINQ to SQL to expose our database entities through a WCF Web Service, and how Silverlight 2 can communicate with the web service. We also explored formatting a DataGrid and creating User Controls with DataBound UI Elements, and how to do basic CRUD operations from the Silverlight client back to the Web Service.

Here is a shot of the completed demo (download the source code above):



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