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Silverlight Mind-Map

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7 comments   /   posted by Dhiraj Gupta on Oct 05, 2008
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General behavior:

  • Connect to task list, connect in Custom properties
  • Shows the status of a task, grey background color fills the % completed
  • Saves location of the xml file (list of document libraries)
Action areas on each node

Right side if node

  1. Click (no action, is reserved for later use)
  2. Doubleclick creates child node and the cursor starts blinking in the childnode to allow you to write the text for the childnode

Middle node area

  1. Click and drag the node around
  2. Doubleclick marks the text and you can edit it, click anywhere else saves the text

Left area of node

  1. Click and you can move it to another parent node
  2. Doubleclick and you can delete it after confirming the confirm box "Are you sure you want to delete this node?" and only if the node does not have any child nodes attached to it.

Mindmap preview   (click here for demo)

For more demo please click here



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  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by Dev S on Oct 05, 2008 17:38

    No Code and Demo not working! Pls tell me what good does a screenshot do ? Wasn't it a good practive to preview post before publishing?

  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by silverlightcoder on Oct 05, 2008 17:55

    For Demo please visit by blog -

  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by Jon on Oct 06, 2008 00:50

    Gr8 job

  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by iiordanov on Oct 06, 2008 02:44

    The demo link has been fixed!

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by Fallon on Oct 06, 2008 20:59

    Where's the code Gupta?

  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by silverlightcoder on Oct 09, 2008 03:02

    HI Fallon,

    Right now i am working on this code.


  • RE: Silverlight Mind-Map  

    posted by vandit on Mar 11, 2010 13:19
    hey dude can you please share the code with us ?

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