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Slides and Code from Presentation in Atlantic City

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I very much enjoyed my double presentation at the Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Conference in Atlantic City,



where I promised, as always, to post my slides and source code.

During the first session we covered adding controls to a form and events and event bubbling; here is the source code.

During the second session we did not cover all the material we hoped to. We did cover data binding in some detail, and here is the starter code and the completed application.


You may want to check the following videos and tutorials to supplement the presentation:

  • Event Handling Part 1 (Video)
  • Event Handling Part 2 (Video)

NB: I have videos coming in the next couple weeks on Styles and Templates as well

  • In depth tutorial on controls, layout and event handling
  • In depth tutorial on data binding
  • In depth tutorial on styles and templates
  • Additional advanced tutorials

Thanks again,



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