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Slides from my ASP.NET Connections Orlando Talks

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Last week I presented at the ASP.NET Connections Conference in Orlando.  I gave a general session talk on Monday, and then two breakout talks later that day.  You can download my slides+samples below:

General Session

The slides for my keynote can be downloaded here

In the talk I demonstrated how to debug the .NET Framework source code.  You can learn how to set this up with VS 2008 here. 

I also demonstrated building a site using the new ASP.NET Dynamic Data support - which you can learn more about here.  I also demonstrated using the new ASP.NET MVC Framework - which you can learn more about here.

I also showed off the new Hard Rock Memorabilia site built with Silverlight 2.  You can try out the Hard Rock application yourself here.  You can learn more about Silverlight from my links page here.

Building .NET Applications with Silverlight

The slides + demos for Silverlight breakout talk can be downloaded here.

You can learn more about Silverlight from my links page here.  In particular, I recommend reading my tutorial posts here and here.


The slides + demos for my ASP.NET MVC talk can be downloaded here.

You can learn more about the latest ASP.NET MVC source refresh here.  Stephen Walther also just posted a really good set of slides + demos from his post conference tutorial on ASP.NET MVC here.

Hope this helps,




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