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Tip of the Day: Programming with Media in 1.0

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0 comments   /   aggregated from Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek on Feb 10, 2008  /  original article
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A user posted a comment in response to one of our videos (did you know you can do that now??)

I thought others might want the answer as well....

This quick start on media may be a good next step. 

There are a number of How Do I videos on using media. 

I'd recommend starting on the Learn page, click on Silverlight 1.0 and take a look at videos # 28, 29, 30, 52.

Then return to the Learn Page again, but this time click on Expression Blend and take a look at #6,8,10.

You might also find these three postings useful supplements.





Hope that helps.






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