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Automating analysis of Windows Store crash reports

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jul 04, 2014
Tags:   windows-store , windev , wpdev , bret-bentzinger
Read original post by Bret Bentzinger at Windows Store Developer Solutions Blog

If you are a developer with applications published in the Windows Store for Windows or Windows Phone, then you have probably come across crash reports. These reports include basic information on the crash and a crash dump file for you to look at. Since this is an unexpected termination of your application, it is imperative to understand why the crash occurred. However, we see quite a few questions come into support with questions on what to do with the triage dump provided in the report. This blog will walk you through how to set up an environment you can run triage dumps through, which may provide actionable results for the developer to fix their application.


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