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On-the-fly updating of a data template selected by a DataTemplateSelector

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jul 04, 2013
Tags:   windows-phone , data-binding , joost-van-schaik
Read original post by Joost van Schaik at .NET by Example

It’s really fun when someone contacts you with a Windows Phone development problem and you have already something standing by to solve it – even if it was intended for something completely different. Last week fellow MVP Mark Monster contacted me with the following situation:

  • He had several objects in an ObservableCollection
  • He was using a DataTemplateSelector to determine which template was to be used for an object – I assume he used something like this.

This worked very fine when initially binding the list of objects to the LongListSelector, but he ran into the following problem: the template to be used was determined by an attribute that could be changed while the object was visible [...]


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