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Silverlight 4 and Prism: Communication between Two Views of Different Modules using IEventAggregator

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on May 05, 2011
Tags:   prism , mahesh-sabnis
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In this article, Mahesh Sabnis explains how to use the Prism Event Aggregator mechanism in Silverlight applications to communicate between two views of different modules.

Source: Dot Net Curry

Now-a-days, I see many Silverlight 4 developers using Prism 4 UI patterns for enterprise application development. Prism 4 is a nice framework for developing applications based on a modular approach. I have already published a series of articles on Prism 4 on Prism Basics, Modularity, Events, Commands and Custom Behavior etc. One of the nice features of Prism 4 is that you can very easily build End-to-End applications using either WPF or Silverlight.


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