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Silverlight Application – Animal Testing Breaks Hearts

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jul 03, 2009
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Pete Brown turns your attention to one great Silverlight 2 application for the Animal Testing Breaks Hearts campaign that PETA and AIS just completed.Pic

For this application, PETA supplied all the comps in Adobe Illustrator format and AIS converted the assets into Silverlight. Tad Van Fleet took the heart images and others and imported them into Blend 3 using the new Illustrator import function, and created the appropriate Xaml. A team consisting of Jim Jackson, Tad Van Fleet and Tom Snider with contractual work and a little oversight from me, put together the complete application, including the database, WCF services, server-side image generation for embedding, and of course the Silverlight client - all in just two calendar weeks.



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