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Silverlight HTML 5 Canvas

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jan 27, 2010
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Tags: HTML 5 , Canvas , CodePlex
In this project, which is now also available on CodePlex, David Anson successfully uses Silverlight as a rendering engine to implement HTML 5 <canvas> support.Image

A few months ago, I described a proof-of-concept project and learning exercise I'd worked on to implement some of the basics of the HTML 5 <canvas> specification using Silverlight as the underlying platform: HTML 5 <canvas> announcement, fix for other cultures. As I explain in the introductory post, I didn't set out to come up with the most efficient, most complete implementation - just to get some familiarity with the <canvas> specification and see what it would be like to implement it with Silverlight.



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