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TODAY: SilverlightShow webinar 'Data Binding in Action'

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2 comments   /   posted by Svetla Stoycheva on Aug 19, 2010
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Update: watch the video recording of this webinar.

Join today's free SilverlightShow webinar 'Silverlight's Power features: Data Binding in Action', delivered by Gill Cleeren.

The webinar will start at 10 am PDT (check your local time) and will include a 45-min presentation, and a Q&A session. Gill Cleeren will try to reply to as many questions as possible within the time allocated. All unanswered questions will be replied to after the webinar, via email.

A recording of the full webinar will be emailed to everyone who registered for this webinar, and will also be published on SilverlightShow webinars page

Fill in our post-webinar evaluation survey! Three attendees who provided constructive feedback will get a free ebook copy of Gill Cleeren's latest book.





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  • RE: TODAY: SilverlightShow webinar 'Data Binding in Action'  

    posted by VladimirPivovar on Aug 19, 2010 16:45
    It will be a sound or video?
  • RE: TODAY: SilverlightShow webinar 'Data Binding in Action'  

    posted by chiara on Aug 19, 2010 16:54
    It will be a video presentation.

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Watch a recording of Gill Cleeren's recent SilverlightShow webinar 'Data Binding in Action'.
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