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Using the new SettingsFlyout API in a Windows 8.1 AND Windows 8 Store app

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jul 23, 2013
Tags:   windows-8 , windows-store , shawn-kendrot
Read original post by Shawn Kendrot at Visually Located

Earlier today Ginny Caughey asked a question about how to maintain an app with support for Windows 8 and 8.1. It’s hard to answer a question that broad so I asked her what she wanted to take advantage of with 8.1. Her main use case is handling of screen [and app] sizes but while she was working, wanted to replace the Callisto SettingsFlyout control with the new native SettingsFlyout control in 8.1. I suggested a few ideas throughout the day from #if separation to MEF.

I started tonight working on a sample on how you could inject a SettingsFlyout using MEF but decided that it was just too complex for this example. I took a step back and thought about how to make this as easy as possible. I recently blogged about how to use the new Geolocator API within a Windows Phone 8 and Phone 7 application and thought that wrapping the Callisto API would be best suited for this situation as well.


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