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Watch Recording of SilverlightShow Webinar 'Latest and greatest in Windows 8.1 for devs'

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Nov 01, 2013
Tags:   windows-8.1 , windows-8 , win8dev , webinar , gill-cleeren

This week, Gill Cleeren presented a live webinar on what's new in Windows 8.1 for developers, organized by SilverlightShow. Those of you who didn't make it to the live session can now watch the recorded presentation online:

Webinar summary: Microsoft has created a huge update for Windows 8, known as Windows 8.1. While the OS is definitely feeling much more polished, for developers, a lot has changed as well. The good news is that your apps still run without modification. The bad news is that, if you don’t take advantage of the new stuff, your users will get a less-than-optimal experience.
In this webinar, we’ll take you on a tour of all what’s new in Windows 8.1 for developers. We’ll take a look at the updates to XAML (WinJS isn’t covered), the updated Search, the new tiles, the new screen sizes, the great new features in Visual Studio 2013 and much more.

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