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Yazgelistir Summit Report Series: Presentations

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0 comments   /   posted by Cigdem Patlak on Jun 21, 2010
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The Yazgelistir Summit sessions ranged from New Features of Visual Studio 2010 to ASP.NET MVC 2.0, from Silverlight RIA user statistics to WCF RIA Services and much more. The presenters were Microsoft Regional Directors, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) from Turkey and Yazgelistir editors. This brief report includes details about selected session content.

The session "What is new in ASP.NET 4 Web Forms" by ASP.NET MVP Ugur Umutluoglu offered information about performance improvements in ASP.NET Web Forms 4, cleaner HTML markup, SEO improvements, URL Routing, new controls and updates on existing controls.

Another session was "New Features of ASP.NET MVC2" by Emrah Uslu. The presentation included information about new templated HTML Helpers, improved validation support, support for asynchronous controllers, etc. Emrah Uslu also outlined the improved ASP.NET MVC developer support in Visual Studio 2010. You may download the ASP.NET MVC2 whitepaper for a complete overview of all new features.

Silverlight MVP and Microsoft Regional Director Daron Yondem introduced the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework. This extensible framework enables you to integrate user analytics into your Silverlight applications running on the Web or out-of-browser. The session included a demo application, which used existing behaviors in Expression Blend to easily start off with Web analytics. There are already various control vendors such as Telerik, who support the Silverlight Analytics Framework. If you are considering to use Web Analytics in your Silverlight applications, you should definitely consider providing a "Privacy Statement", which outlines that you only track user activity data on your page and not any user identity related data.

The final part of the Yazgelistir Summit report series will include an exclusive SilverlightShow interview with Daron Yondem.

A little note on the Yazgelistir Summit reporter: I am Cigdem Patlak, a SilverlightShow representative. This June I am happy to share some insider Silverlight news from events in Istanbul and Southern California to  help out the SilverlightShow team. My blog can be reached via and you can find me on Twitter as crocusgirl.



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