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  • 2 comments  /  Video with  Gill Cleeren   /   85 minutes   /   Oct 27, 2010 (more than a year ago)
    Recording of webinar '10 Silverlight Tips' by Gill Cleeren Watch a recording of Gill Cleeren's webinar '10 Silverlight Tips' delivered on October 27th, 2010. Download the slides used during the webinar | Download the demos The 10 Silverlight Tips covered by Gill were: Behaviors PathListBox Binding tricks INavigationContentLoader Debugging services Securing service communication Leveraging ASP.NET membership Uploading and downloading files Downloading func ...
  • 27 comments  /  posted by  Andrea Boschin  on  Jul 01, 2010 (more than a year ago)
    This article is compatible with the latest version of Silverlight. Note from SilverlightShow: this article topic has been requested by Raymond Monette. Thanks Raymond! There is a control, in the HTML markup, that has not been changed since its first introduction, probably with the first version of the Prince of the markup languages. As you have understand for sure, I'm referring to the <input type ...
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