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Pairing the Wiimote and installing the sensor motion driver

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0 comments   /  Video with Walter Ferrari  /  3 minutes  /  Apr 10, 2011
Tags:   out-of-browser , walter-ferrari
Categories:   Out-of-Browser , General

Take a look at this short video demostrating how to pair the wiimote and install the motion sensor driver.

It accompanies the article "NESL: Native Extension for Silverlight or No (Except Seven) Limits for Silverlight? Experimenting the Sensor API with a Wiimote" by Walter Ferrari!

Guest profile

Walter Ferrari

Walter Ferrari

Walter Ferrari is an environmental engineer and cultivates his passion for software development since long time. He currently is a consultant working for his company, Abertech. He develops applications based on Microsoft technologies since 1995 and works primarily with .NET since 2003. He is currently focused on Silverlight and Sharepoint and acts as representative of CompletIT/SilverlightShow. He blogs about his passion at http://www.snello.it/eng.


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