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Facebook Graph API and Silverlight: Ebook


Ebook: Facebook Graph API and Silverlight
Author: Lazar Nikolov

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Formats: PDF, Word, EPUB, MOBI. 
Number of pages: 9
Release date: December 2011

This e-book collects the 2 parts of SilverlightShow article series 'Facebook Graph API and Silverlight'.

From the author: 

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. It’s a constant part of our daily life. Contacting your friends thousand miles away (where your day is their night), spending your free time on the net, bragging for your new acquisition or where you’ve been, Facebook is all around.

And not only in you, it’s also in the applications you use. An amazing amount of web sites integrate with Facebook and, I believe, more and more applications are to use the social network to access data.
Recently, it was my turn to import Facebook data into my application. To share my experience with you and save you several hours of research, in this ebook I intend to face you with the whole world of something very cool – Facebook Graph API. Moreover, I will show you the alternatives and lead you through the flow when you access Facebook data.


Chapter 1: Accessing Data
Why the Graph API?
Setting an application
Accessing data
Now it's easy!
Chapter 2: Publishing Data
The big picture
Posting in Silverlight

About the author:

Lazar Nikolov is a software developer at CompletIT - the company behind SilverlightShow - and specializes in the development of Silverlight rich applications as well as Windows Phone 7 development. In addition to authoring Silverlight articles (his series on ‘Simulating rain in Silverlight’ became one of the most popular articles on SilverlightShow), Lazar is involved in the verification of all SilverlightShow articles, making sure that all content is consistent and in-line with the latest Silverlight/WP7 release updates.