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Silverlight and Sharepoint Working Together: Ebook


Silverlight and Sharepoint Working Together 
Author: Walter Ferrari

Price: $2.99     Add to Cart

Formats: PDF, Word, EPUB, MOBI. Source code included with the downloadable package.
Number of pages: 52 (more chapters expected soon)
Release date: November 2011. Latest update (chapter 5 added): March 14th, 2012.


This ebook collects the first 5 parts of Walter Ferrari's SilverlightShow article series Silverlight and SharePoint Working Together. More parts coming soon. All customers receive an updated ebook copy within one day from a new chapter release.

From the author: With this I am starting out a series focused on finding the best way to have these two technologies (Sharepoint and Silverlight) working together. In this ebook we will explore some possible ways to make Silverlight work with some of the features of Sharepoint including the less known ones.
What we'll cover in this ebook:
  • Cover the three techniques to Silverlight in Sharepoint. Recently Microsoft came out with a Visual Studio extension to facilitate this process, details here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/pstubbs/archive/2011/04/04/add-silverlight-web-parts-to-sharepoint-using-new-visual-studio-extension.aspx 
  • Interaction between Sharepoint sites and Windows Phone 7: what is at disposal out of the box, what are the issues, how to build applications that take advantage from both the platforms etc
  • Sharepoint has a feature called "quick launch menu" which is a pre-build navigation system; the series will explain how to build a Silverlight menu which uses the same enigne of the "quick launch menu"
  • Experimenting Sharepoint with Silverlight 5 especially with regard to OOB apps

Contents of the ebook so far:

Chapter 1
Two new convenient item templates for Visual Studio: the Silverlight Sharepoint Web Parts
The Silverlight Web Part
Silverlight Web Part deployment process
Using the “Silverlight Web Part”
Silverlight Web Part and Silverlight Client Object Model
Chapter 2
The Silverlight Custom Web Part
What is a Sandboxed Visual Web Part
Functioning of the Silverlight Custom Web Part

Chapter 3
The built-in navigation system of Sharepoint
A Silverlight menu for Sharepoint
The “client approach”
Pitfalls of the client approach
The “server approach”

Chapter 4
The server approach
Retrieving the hierarchy of the site
Deploy a Silverlight Custom Web Part as a not-sandboxed solution: a dirty trick
Saving the hierarchy in a Sharepoint custom list: the modified preorder traversal tree
The source code

Chapter 5
The “Coffee break” application
The big picture
A wcf service as a bridge
Insert/update items in the Sharepoint Calendar List from Silverlight

About the Author:

Walter Ferrari is an environmental engineer and cultivates his passion for software development for a long time. He is currently a consultant working for his company, Abertech. He develops applications based on Microsoft technologies since 1995 and works primarily with .NET since 2003. He is currently focused on Silverlight and Sharepoint and acts as representative of CompletIT/SilverlightShow. Walter is the author of many appreciated SilverlightShow articles - check all of them here.
Walter is used to wearing a helmet while writing code..just to avoid serious damages when slamming his head against the monitor :) He blogs about his passion at http://www.snello.it/eng