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Windows Phone 7.5 Fundamentals: Ebook


Windows Phone 7.5 Fundamentals
Author: Andrea Boschin

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Formats: PDF, Word, EPUB, MOBI. All source code added to the downloadable package.
Number of pages: 46
Release date: January 2012


This e-book collects all 8 parts of SilverlightShow article series 'Windows Phone 7.5'together with source code.

In these eight chapters Andrea Boschin explores key concepts of Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), illustrating each of them with examples, and full source code for the demos. You will find a number of options to simplify development tasks on Windows Phone 7.5, as well as add interesting features.


Chapter 1: Local SQL Database

 How does it work
 Mapping entities to tables
 Creating the database
 Querying the data
 Apply indexes
 When to use SQL CE

Chapter 2: Accessing your phone
 Accessing phone information with DeviceStatus
 New Launchers and Choosers
 Accessing Contacts and Appointments

Chapter 3: Programmatically use the phone camera
 Connecting to the camera(s)
 Handling the camera orientation
 Tune the camera settings
 And finally capture a shot...
 It's only the first step

Chapter 4: Manipulating camera stream
 Accessing the raw stream
 Saving the stream to a file
 Updated example

Chapter 5: Play with music
 The role of Agents
 Manage the playlist
 Starting the task
 When to use Audio Agents

Chapter 6: Use Background agents
 Understanding Agents
 Create an agent
 A funny example
 A beautiful opportunity

Chapter 7: Using advanced tiles API
 Accessing and changing your tile(s)
 Schedule tile updates
 Using secondary tiles
 Tile your apps.

Chapter 8: Using Sockets
 What sockets can do (and what they can't)
 Implementing a simple UDP protocol (NTP)
 Using the NtpClient

About the author:

Andrea BoschinAndrea Boschin is a Silverlight MVP from Italy who currently lives and works in Treviso, a beautiful town near Venice. He started to work in the IT relatively late after doing some various jobs like graphic designer and school teacher. Finally he started to work into the web and learned by himself to program in VB and ASP and later in C# and ASP.NET. Since the start of his work, Andrea found he likes to learn new technologies and take them into the real world. This happened with ASP.NET, the source of his first two MVP awards, and recently with Silverlight, that he started to use from the v1.0 in some real projects. 
Andrea blogs at http://silverlightplayground.org/ and tweets from @aboschin.