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A financial dashboard designer based on Telerik RadDiagram

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Mar 08, 2012
Tags:   wpf , silverlight , telerik , radcontrols , francois-vanderseypen , miroslav-miroslavov

Read original post by Francois Vanderseypen and Miroslav Miroslavov at The Telerik Blogs

The new RadDiagram framework brings, together with a host of new exciting things in Telerik's 2012 Q1 release, a new world of possibilities to the WPF and Silverlight community. This article attempts to show you that Telerik's RadDiagram is easy-to-use and that it differs from other Telerik controls in that it more closely represents a framework than a control. It’s an invitation to augment and customize the RadDiagram toolset in function of your application and business context. That said, we have to tell you straight away that RadDiagram, as released with Q1, is just the beginning. [...]


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