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Adding In-App Feedback to Your Mobile App

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jun 25, 2014
Tags:   wpdev , telerik , tj-vantoll
Read original post by TJ VanToll at Telerik Developer Network
I would like to share with you the single greatest bug report I have ever received:

“The last time I had something for sizing, my computor didn’t keep things inside other boxes like most others that did resizing.”

This sentence was special enough that I immediately saved it in numerous locations; you can’t lose a quote like this. Shockingly, I was unable to understand the issue this individual was having, and needed to meet face-to-face to see the problem. As it turns out — and this will also shock you — it was an issue that only occurred in IE6, on a PC with a 800 x 600 screen resolution.


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