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Creating a Relationship on the UserRegistrations Table

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on May 11, 2011
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Tags: LightSwitch , Richard Waddell
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Richard Waddell discusses how to create a User Registration with multiple relationships in LightSwitch.

Source: LightSwitch Help Website

Often we don’t care who the logged-in User is because we can control what they can do through Roles and Permissions. But if the User is a member of some group, it would be handy to place the Users table in a many-to-one relationship with that group. In this example the groups are SalesTeams made up of SalesPersons. All Sales made by a particular team are accessible only by members of that team.

To make that happen a new User is created, if necessary, when a SalesPerson is created. Since a SalesPerson is in a many-to-one relationship with SalesTeam, so is the User. This article shows you how to create the UserRegistration and then two ways to identify the SalesPerson associated with the logged-in User and thereby the relationship with SalesTeam and Sales.


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