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Telerik Releases RichTextBox for Silverlight, Assembly Minifier and 6 New Controls

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0 comments   /   posted by Ina Tontcheva on Jul 16, 2010
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Telerik announced the availability of its Q2 2010 release, which features:

RichTextbox control - allows you to bring true MS Word-like content editing experience to your end-users. Read more

Assembly Minifier - a web-based tool that decreases the size of RadControls for Silverlight assemblies and consecutively the overall XAP file size. The tool allows you to choose a list of controls to be used in your application, analyzes the dependencies between them and then produces a new set of optimized assemblies. Read more and launch Assembly Minifier

Transparent theme – a truly transparent theme letting you easily fit RadControls for Silverlight into an existing application design. Furthermore you can change the application’s appearance only by changing the background, allowing you to use subtle colors, gradients, or even images behind our controls to allow for a vibrant RIA experience. Check out this sample application showcasing the new theme.

Also new are 6 more controls: TreeListView, DataPager, DataFilter, BusyIndicator, DateTimePicker and Rating control.

See what’s new in RadControls for Silverlight or see product page.



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