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Using Silverlight for workflow creation

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1 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Mar 04, 2009
Tags:   workflow , utilities , silverlight , tim-heuer , colaab , snapflow

In this post Tim Heuer is talking about a tool called SnapFlow, which really makes creating workflows simpler to the end user.

The other day I was given a peek at a company who implemented a full-frame Silverlight application that when I saw it it was one of those “wow” moments.  A lot of the public-facing Silverlight examples are very different from one another and sometimes you see some that are full Silverlight applications that really give you a glimpse of how people are thinking about using the platform and how creative you can get.


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    RE: Using Silverlight for workflow creation

    posted by Sam on Mar 06, 2009 02:40


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