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  • Silverlight News for December 04, 2008

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Dec 04, 2008 (more than a year ago)
    Tags: Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.2 , Moonlight 1.0 , GridSplitter , Application Corner , Wrap Panel , synchronous animations , Error Logging in Silverlight 2 with IIS and the Isolated Storage , image transition effect , partial classes

    Many thanks to Miguel de Icaza and his team who gave birth to the first beta release of Moonlight 1.0 (the Linux implementation of Silverlight)! You may check the Moonlight roadmap for more details or go and try some of the sites tests that were used to test Moonlight.

    Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.2 is now released. It provides compatibility to MS Silverlight RC0/RTW, supports development and deployment of web applications with the latest Silverlight technology and includes the Visual WebGui WinForms-like designer. Go and download it now!

    Ofir Shemesh has made a better version of his ExtendedGridSplitter in his project “GridSplitter with a collapse button (V2)“. It works in both horizontal and vertical placement. In the post you can also find demo and source to the project and a link to a post about animating Grid columns & rows.

    Jacek Ciereszko wants to improve installation experience in Silverlight 2.0. According to him in order to change installation process, you have to create and show the users your own “install plug-in” image. Jacek makes two versions – one for html files and one for aspx files.

    Tim Heuer announced that The Silverlight Application Corner has been just added to the Silverlight community site. The goal of the Application Corner is to demonstrate various different types of line-of-business applications and techniques. Isn’t that an amazing new!?

    Jesse Liberty has a post dedicated to the Wrap Panel. He generates programmatically a source of numerous controls which are needed to play with WrapPanel. Take a look at what Jesse has done.

    Ronnie Saurenmann from Swiss MSDN Team wrote the article “Error Logging in Silverlight 2 with IIS and the Isolated Storage”. He made a small sample project with a class library that you can use in your own applications. The full source code is attached to the project.

    After a month with no new image transition effec posted, Terence Tsang finally has one. And it’s on Christmas themes :)

    Gerard Leblanc explains how to simulate synchronous animations. He achieves a really satisfying effect. The project has source code as usual.

  • 14 comments  /  posted by  Nikolay Raychev  on  Apr 14, 2008 (more than a year ago)


    To use the GridSplitter you should be familiar with the Grid control. It is a control that allows the user to resize dynamically the width or height of the Grid cells.

    See also:
    Grid Article


    The following example demonstrates how to use the GridSplitter:

    We want to have two cells whose width can be redistributed. The blue line can be moved left or right when clicking on it, holding the mouse button and dragging. Thus the neighbor cells can be resized.

    The XAML code: