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  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jul 20, 2009 (9 months ago)
    Tags: Music , Media , Silverlight

    Pete Brown posted about the sound test project he created in Silverlight that quickly turned into an experimentation on audio synthesis.

    I plan to set up a codeplex site for this once I get back from vacation. However, since I’ve had a few requests for the source, I thought I’d quickly post it here.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jun 29, 2009 (9 months ago)
    David Kelley has built a new 'MediaElement' class that solves the problem with sound in Silverlight and WPF and can make your life much easier for building composite apps.

    In doing Silverlight Simon and friends and then trying to port the uber tile from Silverlight to WPF I found that for doing quick short sounds there was a limit in Silverlight and WPF to the preformance and bahavior you can expect. WPF's 'MediaElement' is just horride but even in Silverlight if I try to use the same media element to play 2 short 2 second clips with in 1 second you will get issues.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Mar 13, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    Tags: Tools , Music

    John Papa announced that his article on building a guitar chord calculator with Silverlight was just published by Simple-Talk. You may also check the CodePlex source and the Demo.

    One of the advantages of using Silverlight is that it can be used to build any type of application, including games. As well as spending a lot of time building varying types of business applications and writing a book that focuses on building data driven applications, I’ve also spent time building less traditional and more fun programs with Silverlight. Regardless of the type of application and its requirements, there are some key aspects of Silverlight development that apply. This article explains how to apply some common and widely-used aspects of Silverlight to build a guitar chord finder.

  • 15 comments  /  posted by  Martin Mihaylov  on  Feb 09, 2009 (more than a year ago)


    In this article I will present the Silverlight application I was busy with recently - the Silverlight Metronome. It's a classical metronome (a measurement tool for tempo, mostly used by musicians) that is based on a pendulum with a moveable mass, which modifies its period. The project was very challenging as it needed some simple physics and a beautiful design to be implemented. In my opinion I have accomplished it or at least I have done it according to the physics; the design has always been a very subjective topic. Anyway, you can see the live demo here and download the source code here, but I'm sure that you would like from us to make a fast dissection of the application and see how it works.