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semMAIL : Free Full Silverlight Email Client  with office character

semMAIL : Free Full Silverlight Email Client with office character

Key features

    • Central management
    • Integration of other email accounts
    • Management of attachments

Manage your emails even easier - however, with power functionalityv

semMail is a complete email program, which you can use to manage your emails from different email providers, such as gMail, Live or gmx. You can access your emails directly without installation, whenever you want or wherever you are. Write new emails, forward or answer the emails is possible without re-learning, because the interface is similar to common email programs.

Manage attachments efficiently

Maintain control of your email attachments. semMail includes a special management of all email attachments, which makes it possible to access long lost images or documents fast and easily. The integrated search function can be used to not only make a full text search but also searches in accordance with specific criteria - such as images, music, videos or documents. The direct integration of semFileDrive allows you to file your attachments directly on your semYOU hard drive and to share them with friends on your social network.

Emails in a new light

semMail gives you full control over your emails from a central point. It does not matter, whether you have an email account with several email providers, semMail facilitates the management of all email accounts. When writing an email, you have the option to select the provider that you want to use to send the email.

Run the semMail from here >> 

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