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Deep Zoom Composer Preview Available

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0 comments   /   aggregated from theADOguy on Mar 06, 2008   /   original article
Categories:   Controls
URL: http://blogs.msdn.com/expression/archive/2008/0...

Seadragon Editor

If you want to create your own Seadragon images for use with Silverlight 2, run over and grab the new preview of the composer.  I haven't time to dig in deeply, but will soon blog about them.

For those who aren't familiar with this technology, it is a way to compose a file that containts multiple images (usually different resolutions of the same image) so that users can zoom in and out of an image without downloading all of a large image file. Silverlight 2 supports this with a new control called the MultiScaleImage control which is much like the normal image control but supports these different levels of image and support downloading pieces on demand.

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