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Tip: How to HitTest with coordinates relative to an element (instead of relative to the application root)?

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Denislav Savkov
Denislav Savkov
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0 comments   /   posted on Aug 29, 2008
Tags:   denislav-savkov
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In Silverlight for hit testing are used the absolute coordinates of the application. In case you want to hit test with coordinates relative to a System.Windows.UIElement you need to get the coordinates of the UIElement relative to the application root (i.e. the absolute coordinates of an element).


GeneralTransform generalTransform = uiElement.TransformToVisual( Application.Current.RootVisual);
Point elementToApplicationRootCoords = generalTransform.Transform( new Point( 0, 0 ) );

And then add them to the coordinates relative to the element.


Rect areaInAbsoluteCoordinates =
    new Rect( areaRelativeLeftCoordinate + elementToApplicationRootCoords.X,
              areaRelativeTopCoordinate + elementToApplicationRootCoords.Y,
              areaWidth, areaHeight );
IEnumerable<UIElement> childrenInArea = uiElement.HitTest(areaInAbsoluteCoordinates );
That's it!



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