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Update Silverlight not working

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3 comments   /   aggregated from Silverlight on Nov 26, 2007   /   original article
Categories:   General
I have noticed the last weeks that if you have an older version of Microsoft Silverlight installed I get following error message when opening Web pages with Silverlight content: Well, this is nice to get the URL where to update Silverlight, but when you...( read more )...(read more)



  • -_-

    RE: Update Silverlight not working

    posted by Ryan on Feb 05, 2009 23:51

    can you guys make it so the old version uninstalls automaticly as i install the new version because my computer has errors when i try to install silver light and i also cant watch movies on netflex instant watch. can you guys please make it easer to install. thanks

  • iiordanov

    RE: Update Silverlight not working

    posted by iiordanov on Feb 09, 2009 04:05

    Hi Ryan,

    We will try to forward your request to the people responsible for this.

    Good luck

  • -_-

    RE: Update Silverlight not working

    posted by FrankO5 on Mar 14, 2009 14:14
    Got to internet options Click on programs, then click on manage add-ons.  There if you've installed Silverlight 2 you will be able to enable it on, then you won't see anymore offers to install it!

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